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For Morgi My Brother From Another Mother <3 ;D

Dan! loo0o0ol0o0lo0ollol0o0o0ol0ol0l

Here is little text information for you ^ ^
because, I believe you but somehow something in art because I've earned otherwise you do not show otherwise, can tell you how grateful I am. We know about us now 1 1 / 2 years. We randomly in css because I learned on the server Vs3 came'm ^ ^ then was still my name | UKCS | Winnie the Pooh, something even more: D? gezockt have always together. because we have from time to time but then write more and it is no very good friendship has become. you hear me every time I talk to if no matter what perhaps you are annoying but you usually hear about. all this childish bit of what I write to me here but no matter Kack ^ ^. You are my brother from another mother and I would die for you, would you have an organ from me I would do it without you give to twitch, I thank you for the present time so far; D! I hope we remain in contact so as until now. woe betide the ends damned! dus think whether or not xD but I wait every evening dadrauf are you're finally online with you and I can write ^ ^ yes because I need to know how you feel.

So Dan Morgan. You know I love you from the heart: D as a brother and I hope we remain friends.

10.12.08 14:18

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